Response to Elizabeth

I loved reading your comments! I am s glad you are having a good experience. I remember struggling to put together my video. Now I am out in Salt Lake City trying to connect with family and friends. It is great t be able to keep in touch with you and the UIWP participants.

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Ubiquitous Writing and Learning

Ubiquitous Writing and Learning
The vignettes were so telling—rich, descriptive, personal, yet able to be shared. We all struggle with representing our writing processes, we all struggle with writing; yet, the possibilities for writing, representing self, connecting with others is so rich with the videos and the word, the voice and sound.
The chapter is inspiring with the variety of voices, the sense of possibility. Yet, for those of us who struggle with managing the technology, there is something left out. How do we learn? What sorts of support do we need for this enterprise? How much do we need to learn about using the technology before we can create something as powerful as Hannah’s?
I agree that the print representation suffers from the lack of digitalization. It does make me wonder: are we losing the sense of the impact of print alone? Will we come to devalue Falkner or Joyce, see them as dinosaurs or mere reflections of their ancient times? Will we still appreciate the ways in which words alone can communicate feeling and tone and passion?

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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